Monday, May 19, 2008

Hazel is 1!

She's come a long way in a year...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Max's Birthday

The Tally Zierdens came up for the celebration.

Maymont Park

Not a real bear...

Real bears...

Emory sucking on her toe...

Max ran in a 400 yard Caboose Run...

In his words, "I ran so fast. I didn't even slow down!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What happened to your belly?

If you read this blog, you should be aware by now that we are going to have a baby in November. (If not, I am very sorry that you are finding out this way!) We just let everyone know last week, which is good, because I was feeling self-conscious about my stomach. It's an awkward stage where maternity clothes are too big, but a lot of my regular clothes are getting tight. My stomach started to stick out a little bit before we told people, so every morning I was really stressed about what to wear.
There is a freedom in telling people and feeling more comfortable wearing something that clings a little bit!
I work with Kindergarten, First, and Second graders, and I decided not to tell them that I am pregnant...just see what happens. A Kindergartener won the prize today as the first to notice. I was sitting at the table with them and I leaned back in my seat and held a game right in front of me so they could all see. This little girl (who always says whatever comes to her mind), said, "What happened to your belly?" Like any good teacher, I ignored her at first and finished what I was doing. Although it sounded like one of the boys said, "She's pregnant" under his breath.
So she asked again of course and I said, "Do you think something is wrong with my belly?" To which she replied, "It got bigger. It looks like you are getting ready to have a baby."
So I explained that I am going to have a baby, but not soon. Then, that was it...they moved on.
It will be interesting to see who says something next. I think second graders are a little more socially aware, and may not say anything until they are sure. While I am showing, I don't think it looks like I am "getting ready to have a baby". I suspect there is a lot more growing to do.