Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt today. Eliza went last year but didn't really get the concept. This year we talked about how she would hunt for eggs and put them in her basket. She decided that she would hunt for eggs and a bear and a fox. (we've been reading We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Hopper books)

She got to meet the Easter Bunny. She was a little shy at first.

Owen liked his furry hands.

All ready to hunt!

When they said "Go" she took off and almost knocked our neighbor down to get the eggs!

"I'm a bunny."

The bunny says, "Boing!"

We're looking forward to church and going to Nana Sue and Bapa's house tomorrow.
We may get to hunt again with Max and Bella.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

I grabbed this doll to catch his attention, then realized they matched. She is my Lolly doll from childhood and I think my brother may have had the blue one like his outfit.

It's so cliche but it's hard to believe that Owen is 6 months old already! He is so sweet and smiley, can log roll across a room, giggles and squeals often, LOVES food, is on his way to sleeping all night (so close), and is enthralled by Hazel and Eliza.


Our friends are veterinarians and breed their yellow labs every once in a while. When we got Hazel, we got to meet the puppies when they were 2 days old. Hazel's sister had a litter when Eliza was about 5 months old and we went to visit again. She just had another litter and we went to see them today. We are contemplating getting a puppy...but I think we know we should wait another year. Eliza was in Heaven with so many "cute puppies" and kept trying to process meeting Hazel's mommy and sister.

Owen wasn't that impressed.

They are pretty hard to resist.

Life these days

Eliza has learned the joy of Hide and Seek

She always hides in the same spot, and doesn't stay hidden very long!

She loves helping with her little brother.

Eliza was feeding Elmo and singing "Jesus Loves Me" to him

When I come down to the playroom at night to clean up, I've been finding some funny scenes with Elmo, farm animals, you name it...also, she's into sorting and knows her colors!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The National Zoo

We headed to the National Zoo in DC last week. It was fun, but we are not convinced that all the traffic and getting lost was worth it! If anything was worth it, it was the lion cubs and Eliza's excitement over the statues. Owen was a trooper in the stroller and Ergo carrier all 4 hours we were there.

Papa Lion

One of the Mamas and cubs

Eliza said they were flying!


"Pine-cone" (raccoon)

"He's sweet"


Eliza wanted to touch (and kiss) all the animals, so the statues were a little more exciting to her!