Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our friend, Cheri, is starting a photography business here in Cville and she took some "family" pictures for us last weekend. This is the only one we have seen so far, but we are impressed! I have a feeling it's the only one with Bailey and Hazel sitting still and looking at the camera. Once Cheri's website is up and running, we'll post her link on here for others to enjoy. There's a growing trend of "Moms with Cameras" out there. They start taking pictures of their own kids, realize they like it and are good at it, and they start offering their photography services to others. Another friend of mine is doing the same thing. You can check out her work at

I guess I, too, have become a mom with a camera. My children just have fur and tails. Hazel continues to grow like crazy. She does some really funny things too.
Checking out the mint:

Barking at her own reflection in the window! Hysterical~

Trying anything to get a paw up on Bailey:

And my favorite - caught mid-bark:

I'm officially back to school now, so there will be significantly less pictures of the dogs. I know you are sad.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer's Over

I head back to work tomorrow. I'm excited to be going back to the same school for a second year (that's new for me!). Of course I would like for Summer to last longer, but reality wins. I am actually very grateful that I get Summers off every year. Because it's back the grind tomorrow, I need to head to bed, I just wanted to post an update picture of the girls.

Hazel 8 weeks:

Hazel 12 weeks:
Of course Bailey is the same Bailey Bales! She's continues to adjust well and seems so calm in comparison to her little sis.
There are lots of pictures on the picasa site-more pictures than you could ever want of 2 dogs and a butterfly! (and a bonus video of Hazel playing soccer)
More later...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Zierden Family Vacation 2007

The Colonel got to experience his first Zierden Vacation this summer. We made the 15 hour trek down to St. George Island in the Gulf of Mexico. Our house was right on the Apalachicola Bay, so there were lots of great sunsets.

It was a very laid back week. We spent a lot of the week like this:

Addie and Max provided great entertainment for us as well.

Kissing Cousins??

Good times! You can see more pictures here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hazel's First Week Home

Our first week with Hazel wasn't bad. We were getting up around 3 am, then 5:30 am. That took some getting used to, but we switched off and by the end of the first week and a half, she was sleeping through until 5 or so. She loves Bailey! This is how Hazel wants things to be:

And in case you couldn't tell from Bailey's face, this is how she wants things to be:
They actually started getting along well and even played a little bit.
Bath time:
Nap time:

We had our 2nd outdoor movie night
(this one didn't end up inside because of rain).
It was a perfect night to watch E.T. The girls kept watch.

By the end of that week and a half, things were going pretty smoothly and Hazel was even barking or scratching at the door (sometimes) when she needed to "go potty."
But, to make things difficult, we left for vacation and Hazel went to stay with some friends. It was hard to leave her and Bailey, but we knew both dogs would be well-loved and get LOTS of attention and exercise. We also knew that she would grow a good bit while we were gone.
It's amazing how quickly they grow!
Everything (ears, nose, legs, torso) seemed longer after 1 week.