Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eliza's Prayers

I posted before about Eliza praying at meals with us.

This past week, she has started praying spontaneously. The first time she was coloring on Jillian's birthday card and I heard her saying, "Dear God, thank you for Jillian's birthday."

This morning, she was trying to put Hazel's collar on and was repeatedly saying, "Dear God thank you for Hazel. Thank you that she plays."

What sweet moments.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A couple weeks worth of pictures

Owen likes books! Often, he's just using them as a drum,
but sometimes he looks at the pages too.

Eliza carries her stool around to wash her hands, help with cooking, and get into trouble.

Playing with Daddy's new Ipad!

Who knows?!

Hazel and Green Piggy taking a rest.
Owen is almost 9 months old! It's hard to believe.
Two of his favorite things are Hazel and remotes...

Owen needs his morning nap, so we almost always stick around the house until 10 or so. Now that it's nice, Eliza and I can play out side while he is sleeping.

Eliza can even turn sidewalk chalk into an action sport.

Hhhhmmmmm...what next?

She lined up the chalk and called it a fam-a-lee.

Then on to the bike.

Dinner and Bath

Sometimes dinner is just this good...

and then you need a bath.