Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Shoot

My friend Cindy came to visit this week. She's a professional photographer and while she took some pictures with her fancy camera, she also helped me with some settings on mine so I could snap a few. She got some great shots of both kids that I can't wait to see!

Spring is on the way!

We've had a couple beautiful 70 degree days. Eliza has been enjoying playing outside.
Lawson and Cindy came for a quick visit this week. The girls had a lot of fun together and played well.

Hazel loves to be outside if we are there with her.
Come on Spring!

Serious Kiddos

Book worm

Best Buds?

So Liam and Owen are kinda being forced into friendship since their sisters and moms like to hang out.

Everything was fine until Liam whacked Owen in the face!

Then they both lost it!

We'll try again another day!

Happy Birthday Nana Sue!

We went up to Culpeper last weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday with the Adlers.

Good cake and good times!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Owen is 4 months old today. He is still so calm and sweet. He grabs toys and chews on them and is trying to roll over. He smiles and coos and is starting to giggle a little bit.

Eliza's vocabulary has exploded. It's amazing the things and people that she remembers. Every once in a while she will start talking about something that happened weeks ago with great detail. She has an amazing imagination and makes us laugh every day with the things she comes up with.

Owen found his toes.

Eliza is really enjoying Owen now. She loves to tell us what he's doing, tickle him, kiss him, and bring toys to him.

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