Thursday, October 28, 2010

Owen is 2 weeks old!

Owen has had some great nights this week. Last night he slept from 10-3. We didn't see that with Eliza until MUCH later, so we are pleased.

Eliza is warming up to her brother. She asked to hold him three times today and
is finally saying his name...sometimes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greenfield Farm

Our sweet Eliza has a lot of Sunday afternoon
we went to Greenfield Farm to
let her run around in the crazy October heat.

Owen and Eliza

How smart is it to follow an almost two year old through the corn maze?

I didn't realize I would have to worry about the sun this late in October!

Eliza loved picking up the pumpkins and putting them on the hay bale,
then "cleaning up" and putting them back.

Getting Ready for School

The school that Eliza will attend is right up the street from us.
It has great mountain views and a really cool playground.

Life these days

Taking care of baby

Devouring some yummy banana bread our neighbor brought us

She likes butternut squash soup...go figure

Owen is a great sleeper so far!

Bapa came back from his sailing trip and met Owen.
They share the middle name Winslow, which is a family
name going back to the Mayflower.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Owen is 1 week old!

"Baby's cwyin"

Sharing her toys

I think we have a lot of shots like this with Eliza

Talking with Nana Sue the day we came home from the hospital

At this time last week, I was in labor, anxiously awaiting Owen's arrival. The time in the hospital went by fast and we've been at home, figuring out life with 2 kids since Saturday. Nana Sue has been a huge help with Eliza...especially because Owen seems to sleep the longest stretch from 4 am-9 am. We have been able to sleep while he is sleeping and Nana Sue got up with Eliza. We're hoping to get into a better pattern soon! Overall, it's going well and Eliza seems to be doing ok. She has her moments, but we all do. We're so grateful for our friends and family that have been helping out, providing food, taking the dogs for walks, and loving all 4 of us!