Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doggies 1

The girls

One day Steve came home in a downpour and his clothes were soaked. He started taking off the wet clothes and thought it would be funny to see how much he could put on Hazel.
She is a very compliant dog.

Doggies 2

We are fortunate enough to have 3 beach trips this summer, all in the month of June. We went down to Hilton Head with Steve's parents right after school got out. Last week we went down to the Outer Banks with Cville friends. Hazel got to go with us...ssshhh...don't tell Bailey...she got to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. There were other dogs there and Bailey gets anxious that someone is going to eat her food, and she barks if she is left alone (like on the deck) so we just took Hazel.
It was Hazel's first ocean experience. She has gotten used to the river here at home but we weren't sure how she would react to waves. She was very excited to be there and it took her a while to learn that she couldn't drink the water. We bought a frisbee to try to coax her into the water a little more. She would go in, but ran when the waves came. So, the frisbee helped, but she still wasn't totally comfortable going all in.

In other doggie news, recently we have been coming home to find the bathroom trash chewed and strewn around the living room. We knew that Bailey did this in the past, so we weren't sure whether it was a joint effort or not. Bailey shows her guilt by laying on her back and wagging her tail...she knows she doesn't get in that much trouble. Hazel, on the other hand, has major guilt issues. I took Bailey up to mom and dad's before the beach and when I came back, Hazel was the only one home, so she obviously had done the deed. She hung her head and wouldn't even look at me. No tail wagging here.

Then another day, we forgot to block the steps with the baby gate and she came from upstairs and the same thing happened.

I love the look on her face in the last picture! We promise we won't shame our child like this!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Mom and Dad came down for dinner to celebrate Father's Day with us.

Father-to-be and Father
-the men in my life!

Mom got after me for not putting some pregnant pictures out there.
So here are a few.

15 weeks

18-19 weeks

19-20 weeks