Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June So Far

Owen is growing so fast that we had to get rid of the infant car seat! We got a new seat for Eliza and moved him into her seat. The best part of it all was the big ole box the new seat came in!

The farm animals had a little gathering.

My Mother's Day presents have bloomed!

It's so fun to see the kids interacting. Owen just loves Eliza and always wants to be in on what she's doing. MOST of the time, she is happy to include him.

The baby pool didn't contain them for as long as I had hoped...

Our sweet Hazel B is such a good cuddler.

Owen pulls up on EVERYTHING. It's made nap time a little more difficult.

He pretty much has a red welt on his forehead all the time because he falls down so much.

He still just has two teeth on the bottom, but is getting the chewing technique down.

Owen is clapping! He gets really into it.

He's got a great mohawk.

The Entertainer

And we love Daddy!

Father's Day with Mina and PopPop
Summer is off to a great start!


Jillian and Eliza ate popsicles...

...and Owen and Liam had their first fight.

Liam won!

Water Colors

Eliza discovered the joy of painting last week. We started simple and may work up to finger paint some day.

I had to keep reminding her to dip the brush in a color after dipping it in water.

This was a dinosaur.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Corolla, NC

We got a little beach teaser before Caroline's wedding last weekend.
It was great to have NanaSue and Bapa there with us!

The weather was absolutely beautiful and Eliza thoroughly enjoyed the beach.

Owen didn't get to move around on his own this time,
but I'm sure he'll eat plenty of sand when we go to the beach in July!

Day 2

We can't wait for our two beach trips in July!