Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We were at Mina and PopPop's for Thanksgiving this year. A 6 week old + a sick 2 year old + a cold = not a lot of sleep. But we had a good time with family and even got to go see a movie!

Mina and Owen
Big Smiles

Can you tell Eliza was sick?

All the turkey makes me sleepy

Home sweet home

Thanksgiving 2010 Playing Outside

Mommy and Eliza
Eliza was sick over Thanksgiving, but once she was feeling a little better, she went outside to forage for "blueberries". (lariope)

Hazel helps out.

Mina discovered a consignment store and had all kinds of fun things for the kids.

Good Times

How many children can a Mina hold?
Owen looking surprised in the tub.

Eliza having fun in the tub.

Eliza working hard.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Eliza!

Having a newborn in the house again makes it seem like ages ago that Eliza was so small. At the same time, 2 years has gone by really quickly. We celebrated Eliza's birthday last weekend with chili and a side of chaos. In the future, we may be doing joint birthday parties outside somewhere for the 2 kids.

The guys watch UVA football before the party.
Mina and Owen
The Birthday Girl
Aunt Jenny and Owen
Carter and Eliza
Max and Owen
Eliza couldn't figure out what we wanted her to do here.

Stick my nose in it?

Bella was excited about all things Elmo!

Liam and Owen

Big Sisters with the boys

The Saunders

Eliza reading her Twinkle Twinkle book narrated by Nana Sue and Bapa

"Happy Do" sweet girl!