Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is this becoming the puppy blog?

The Colonel thinks so.
The Mrs just finished Summer School, so there will be more time for posting.
She's heading out on some adventures on her own though while the Colonel studies.

Here are some pictures of Hazel taken today. Also, there are some new albums on the picasa site here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Checking out her big sister (from last year's litter)
We hope to have many moments like this:

She is very active though and likes to explore.
Yesterday we officially picked her
and marked her with purple nail polish,
which made her start sneezing - very cute.
When we went to leave, she bounded across the yard after us,
and when she went back into the fenced kennel, she laid down
facing us and watched us leave. So I think she likes us.
We'll get her in 2 more weeks and are trying
to take advantage of sleep and downtime now!

I've got some puppy videos that I am working on putting up here.
Look for them soon hopefully.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The puppies are 4 weeks old

This week I am checking in on the puppies each day, which has been really fun.

Maybe our little girl...

Lots more pictures here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


First time in bloom!

The Puppies are 3 Weeks old

We went to see the puppies again today. It helps to put the memory card in the camera when you go to see them. (unlike last week)
The first time we saw them they were 1 day old and kinda pink and fleshy. When we saw them last week their eyes had just opened and they were walking around. They actually started walking around BEFORE their eyes opened! We missed that though.
So yesterday they were 3 weeks old. They are very soft and cuddly - except for their little claws that are really sharp.

We have kind of picked one out, based only on the fact that it is a girl and she is darker than the others. We are told that their personalities will be coming out more in the next couple weeks - which is great because we are going to help take care of them June 18-23 and will have lots of time to interact with them.

In the picture below, you can see that the 2 in the left corner are a darker color. That's what we are looking at. The others are almost white. There is one big male that's darker and the female is in the next couple pictures.

Last week she was crying a lot, but this week she slept in my lap for a long time and wasn't making as much noise as some of them were. They have learned how to bark, which is really funny (although I'm sure it's not funny when you live there and want to sleep!)
They have also started to bite at each other a little bit playfully. One of them had its mouth all the way over another one's head at one point.

It was hard to leave and hard to stop taking if you want to see more, click here.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I have never seen the entire Bruce Almighty movie. I have heard mixed reviews. With a movie like that, a sequel usually is not a good thing. However, the first reason that I will go see Evan Almighty is Steve Carrell. I love The Office and everything I have seen him in so far. But, Evan Almighty was also filmed in Crozet, just outside of Charlottesville. (the director went to UVa) Last June, when we were coming back from our 1 year anniversary trip, we stopped in to the "set." The filming was pretty much over at this point, but the massive ark was still there:

You can't really tell how big it is in these pictures. In this one, there are about 8 bales of hay stacked up under the ramp. Maybe that helps to put it into perspective a little bit.

This house is also a main part of the set.

I heard people talk about going out there and seeing giraffes and all kinds of animals, but I never got myself together enough to go out and see all that. The previews for the movie are showing now, and it's cool just to see the ark and know that we were there. Also, it's a beautiful area with scenic mountains, so when there are shots of the landscape it looks familiar. The Young Life Golf Tournament took place a few weeks ago at the Old Trail Golf Course, which is in the neighborhood where the movie was shot. There are some pictures that show the scenery here. So, we'll see how the movie is...