Sunday, January 1, 2012


We had a great Christmas and it's back to school tomorrow.
We opened some presents at home before heading out of town.

We were with the Saunders family for their Christmas Eve party and Christmas day.

Trying to get a picture of the kids (see previous post)

Owen was very excited about his new truck!

Owen had to sit in all the boxes.

Eliza loved her new baby!

We got to meet the Sorrell's dog Hegal.

Next, we headed to Culpeper to celebrate with the Zierden family.
Elsie Jane enjoyed her first Christmas!

Chocolate chip cookies and new toys!

Bapa read the Christmas story.

Bapa, NanaSue, and the VA grandkids

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas Card

I love getting Christmas cards each year from friends and family. I don't love making my own Christmas card. This year we had great pictures from the beach, taken by my friend Cindy. I felt like Owen, especially, had really changed since then, so I wanted to use something more recent. So, the stress of capturing the perfect picture began. My friend Cheri tried to take a few one morning, but the kids were totally uncooperative.

So, one day after church, I plopped the kids down in some leaves and snapped away while Steve danced behind me.

Neither kid wanted to sit still...

Owen ate some acorns...

Hazel caught a wiff of something...

There were some smiles looking in the wrong direction...

Hazel was a saint...

And then they were done.

BUT, I had 3 shots that were pretty good. The background was busy with the sidewalk, driveway, and a light post coming out of Eliza's head. So I sent the pictures to Cindy and she did some magic

...and Merry Christmas! (I chose this one because it captures the crazy)