Friday, January 30, 2009

Eliza has a new cousin!

Isabella Rose Adler was born on Tuesday January 27th. Fortunately the weather warmed up and ice melted, so Eliza and I could go see her (and Jenny and Lee) in the hospital on Wednesday. What a cutie! Welcome to the family!

Eliza looks so big!

Lee commented that Nana Sue was holding "half of her granddaughters!"
We hope to see the other half soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Bunny

It's been cold cold cold, but we still have had no snow. Eliza is going to outgrow her snow suit soon, so I've been looking for an excuse to put it on her. Today Daddy was going to get home late (he usually takes the dogs out to play when he gets home) so I dressed her up, took a ton of pictures, then took her outside with me and the dogs. Hopefully she will have a real reason to wear it before she gets too big.

PS- The babysite has been updated.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

By 12:30 today...

...Eliza was on outfit # 4.5. She woke up in one, and I got her changed so we could go to Strollerfit. She was in her carseat, ready to go when she spit up enough that I had to change her. So she had outfit #3 on until we got home. She was asleep in her seat so I left her there while I showered. When I got out of the shower, she had filled her diaper to overflowing, hence outfit #4. Outfit #4 was a onesie and pants, so when her diaper leaked out AGAIN (just a little bit) while I dried my hair, I had to change the pants. The onesie survived somehow. I seriously could spend all day just feeding her, changing her, and doing laundry. Welcome to motherhood.

Outfit #2

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Check out these guns

Eliza and I headed back to the gym last week. I'm not ready to leave her in the child care there, but fortunately they have some great options for exercise I can do WITH her. One day a week we'll be doing Strollerfit. It's inside for now, but will be outside when the weather warms up. You get a workout pushing the stroller, but also "park" it for some of the time and work with weights, medicine ball, jump ropes, etc. It's a really good workout. Eliza just slept through it, but it looks like older babies enjoy watching their moms move around.

Mommymuscle is our other class. I wear Eliza in the BabyBjorn and work with different weights and bands. She just slept through the whole thing. I was definitely sore after the first class, so I'm looking forward to going back this week and building up some muscle again.

On another note, you'll recall a previous post involving the dogs and 100 calorie packs. Well, this morning I went out to start the car since there was frost. I came back in and a single 100 calorie pack was sitting on the floor next to the car seat and the 2 dogs. I had maybe been gone 30 seconds! (I hadn't "dog-proofed" yet) I thought the dogs were being attentive to Eliza until I noticed it on the floor. Fortunately it hadn't been opened yet. It's hard to say who actually got it out, but I am thinking Hazel. She has a tendency to look guilty no matter what though.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Technologically Advanced

My brother started the trend, and now my whole family has web cams in order to stay in touch and be able to see each other. We just got ours for Christmas and my parents were the first ones we "skyped". I was holding Eliza and I turned her around so that they could see her. At one point my mom said, "Whoops, she spit up." So my mom in Culpeper, told me that my daughter, who was sitting on my lap, had spit up. Isn't technology amazing?