Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bella's 4th Birthday

It's been so fun having these girls only a few months apart!  They are good buddies.
Bella had a few of her friends over for a ballet lesson.

 I managed to get some great shots of the girls jumping (or whatever the ballet term is)


 Owen read with Nana Sue while the ballerinas were dancing.
 Elsie Jane joined in too.

Happy Birthday Bella!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Snow

After a "snow day" last week that was mostly rain, we were surprised to actually get some over night last night.  Daddy went in to work for a bit and the kids and I got bundled up.  It took a good bit of time to get everyone ready, and I crossed my fingers that they would last as long outside since the temps were still in the 20s. 

Owen immediately made a snow angel.

Eliza's snow angel

Eating snow is one of Eliza's all-time favorite things

Ruby tried to enjoy some snow too.

No sled needed!

As suspected, Eliza was happy staying out, and Owen reached his breaking point.  

Throwing snow at Mommy distracted for a little bit longer.

Eventually the sun did break through and melt most of the snow, but it didn't get above freezing.  We are hoping for a little more snow tomorrow!