Sunday, October 23, 2011

The weather was perfect this weekend and we headed out to
River Rock Farm on Saturday for a little Harvest Party.
When we told Eliza we were going to a farm, she started talking about Old MacDonald and all the animals we would see. She got ready for the mud with her boots.

This is where we parked. She was delighted.

We got to feed the horses some treats.

The pony was a persistent little guy!

Owen was ok with Bandita at first,

but then, she got a little too close for comfort.

Dr. Doolittle, on the other hand, wanted a hug!

A sandbox with a view.

Owen found the candy.

Daddy and Eliza carved a pumpkin.

Hazel has taught Owen well.

Happy Autumn!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Owen is 1 Year Old!

This sweet boy is growing up so fast!

We celebrated Owen's birthday with family and friends last weekend.

Eliza, Max, Bella, and Jillian

Aunt Nancy and Max

Bella, the new Big Sister

Owen's tiny new cousin, Elsie Jane (she's named after our Nana)

He wasn't sure about the cake.

Owen's BFF Liam, born 3 days before him.

Liam and "Uncle Ben"


The Birthday Boy with NanaSue and Bapa

Bella, the Biker Chick

It was a beautiful day for playing outside!

Time flies when you're having fun!